Printing F.A.Q

Printing F.A.Q


Paper information:

To simplify the buying process and avoid intimidating jargon we offer 3 paper ranges for each of our products, these are Economy, Premium and Exclusive.

Economy Range
The aim of the economy range is to create a range that whilst being very inexpensive maintained the basic qualities that give a professional appearance. Generally the economy range is as basic as possible to reduce the price whilst not going so cheap that functionality is compromised.

Premium Range
The paper types in our premium range have been chosen as a careful balance of price and quality. Minimum 200gsm.

Exclusive Range
The paper in the exclusive range is among the highest specification available from any UK printer and all papers are as heavy weight as practically possible for you to use. When buying from the exclusive range you can be confident that the papers used are among the best quality available for that given product and will give your customers a great impression of your business.



An abbreviation for “grams per square metre”, i.e. the weight of the paper. As a general rule the heavier the paper the better the quality.

Simply a glossy finish to the paper. This can make your product stand out and is most commonly used on products such as flyers and photographs.

Quite simply matte paper has no noticeable finish, i.e. not shiny. Matte is the most popular finish for business stationery. Useful for visual impairments.

An option in between a gloss and a matt finish.